Friday, February 15, 2013

Screen Printing

Drawing on the screen
Drying screen
Dipping my toes into screen printing. I chose a simple image from my sketchbook. I used a brush & screen drawing fluid which now has to dry completely so I can cover the screen with filler. If you do a YouTube search for 'screen drawing fluid' you'll find lots of videos that explain the process. What I drew on the screen with a brush will wash out leaving the screen ready to print. The last time I dabbled with screen printing was in college a long, long time ago. I wish my friend Arounna was here to give me some good pointers, she's a ninja screen printer.

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Blogger Julie Clay Illustration said...

Looks like it will be beautiful, I love screen printing and have recently purchased an A3 screen and squeegee, I was going to use paper masks, but this drawing fluid looks interesting, I will check that out, hope you have fun! :)

2/15/2013 12:14 PM  
Blogger LOLA said...

Me encanta ese color azul y como queda cuando le da la luz.
Enhorabuena por tu trabajo, eres toda inspiración....
Un gran saludo desde Valencia(España)

La Sonrisa Creativa

2/15/2013 12:30 PM  
Blogger Charlotte Rigby said...

ooh this looks exciting! I just learnt to screen print this year at uni but Im really enjoying it. The monoprint method where you paint onto the front of the screen, then transfer the image onto paper/fabric by screen printing with clear binder can be a cool way of testing out images!

2/15/2013 2:26 PM  
Blogger Paprika said...

I loe finding out about all these new techniques on your blog, looks fabulousxx

2/15/2013 2:40 PM  
Blogger John Vonn said...

Wow!I love screen printing. I like this blog.
Video in print

2/15/2013 10:16 PM  
Blogger Blanca said...

I just remembered an excursion when I was at school and we made some screen print with paper. I still have my printed paper of "Nitrato de Chile". Good memories... Thanks for sharing!

2/16/2013 2:49 AM  
Blogger prpltrtl946 said...

The only thing you need to worry about is registration marks if you use more than one color!!

This is very exciting!! I can't wait to see where you go with this!! 8*)

Oh, and I used wooden picture frames to make paper and silkscreen printing... 8*)

2/16/2013 7:07 AM  
Blogger Starr White said...

I've been following your blog for a couple of months now, and I'm just amazed at all you do. I'm beginning to think you're a genius!

I very much enjoy all the beautiful things you do, and your creativity and productivity are an ongoing inspiration to me. Thank you! :)))

2/16/2013 9:26 AM  
Blogger Flávia e Cristiana said...

Lindos e delicados trabalhos. Amei! Um abraço.

2/16/2013 10:33 AM  
Blogger merula said...

ooooo I never heared of screen printing! Looks amazing!!!

2/16/2013 11:33 AM  
Blogger Gloria Freshley Art and Design said...

Screen printing + your sure hand + a perfect match!! I look forward to seeing what happens!! Thanks for continuing to share your creative process and knowledge so generously.

2/16/2013 3:24 PM  
Anonymous joanie said...

I've always wanted to screen print too. The paint on drawing fluid looks like a great option.
Beautiful print!

2/16/2013 3:43 PM  
Anonymous Ken swinson said...

I love your work and screen printing...I can already tell it is going to look fantastic! I'm looking forward to the print!

2/16/2013 6:31 PM  
Blogger Susan said...

Oh that looks like sooo much fun to do! Love your first try.

2/17/2013 4:19 AM  
Blogger Krista said...

Is there anything you CAN'T do? You are amazing. The design is amazing. Very beautiful work.

2/18/2013 2:22 PM  
Blogger cococita said...

This is stunning beautiful and yes, screen printing is so much fun! Really like all these shades of blue and the image you used.

2/19/2013 3:42 PM  
Blogger Lynet Sandoval Witty said...

OHHH I see! Sorry for asking you previously what materials you going to look into it!

2/23/2013 10:49 PM  
Blogger stephanie salud said...

This is another way of doing printing that i hadn't considered. So cool.

2/27/2013 10:58 PM  
Blogger HayleySarah said... usual!!

3/03/2013 3:36 AM  
Blogger Vebo said...

que liiiindo!! precisamente me llama mucho la atención la marca que usas, he querido hacer algo de serigrafía pero todos parecen complicados con los líquidos de revelado o las mezclas para cubrir la pantalla de serigrafía.. qué usas tú para realizar tu serigrafía?? :) un abrazo grande!!

3/06/2013 9:05 PM  
Blogger Rose Pipper said...

Thanks for sharing. I'd love to learn more about printing in Calgary. I wonder if I would be able to find the supplies I need to make something like this close to home.

3/08/2013 12:50 PM  
Anonymous Screen Printing Vancouver WA said...

This is very informative and reliable for future reference. You did a great job my friend.

5/02/2013 1:39 AM  
Anonymous Cadisch said...

Thanks for sharing this.

5/21/2013 8:52 AM  
Blogger tyleragent said...

Thanks for the post, and this was the first time that I heard of screen printing and it looks really cool. And it looks like it could be pretty easy also. But I really like it.

5/22/2013 10:43 AM  
Anonymous Marcelo said...

sweet! we have been getting requests to offer this type of printing, but we just don't have the experience or time to do so. Would you be interested in working something out between us? Please let me know!

6/03/2013 10:53 PM  
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