Friday, February 08, 2013


Black and white
Work in progress. Still working on this one... 40" x 40" Acrylics on canvas

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Blogger Lori @ Studio Waterstone said...

How beautiful and inspiring! Makes me want to break out that humongous, threateningly white, blank canvas and break it in.

2/08/2013 12:15 PM  
Blogger Belinda @ Wild Acre said...

So beautiful, most of my work is based on grasses and wildflowers and hedgerow plants, so I love seeing how they inspire others. Reminded me of walking down my local English country lane and seeing the outline of all the wild grasses. took pics of them here:

Thanks for all your inspiration. Belinda

2/08/2013 12:33 PM  
Blogger swig said...

magnifique! warm greetings from Paris!

2/08/2013 12:44 PM  
Blogger nicole said...

Oh how I love it when you show us your works as they progress!

2/08/2013 6:22 PM  
Blogger Shahrul Niza said...

Its already WOW WOW WOW :). Love how gentle these lovely plants look, like dancing in the breeze. LOVE your cacti too, there inspired me to keep potted plants now since the first day I came to your blog :). HUGS.

2/08/2013 8:05 PM  
Blogger Paprika said...

Looks amazing, they're brilliantxx

2/08/2013 11:26 PM  
Blogger RocknGiu said...

I love your Art :D

2/08/2013 11:33 PM  
Blogger Kathleen Maunder said...

Just gorgeous, Geninne!

2/09/2013 6:54 AM  
Anonymous Seonaid said...

Very pretty!

2/09/2013 10:00 AM  
Blogger Petdeloup said...

so beautiful... j'adore!!!

2/10/2013 9:46 AM  
Blogger Kateřina Jelenová said...

Pretty flowers:)

2/13/2013 5:19 AM  
Blogger patricia zapata said...

Gorgeous Geninne!

2/14/2013 9:39 PM  
Anonymous myrtle said...

OH my! Such a brilliant masterpiece indeed.=D

2/18/2013 11:36 PM  

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