Saturday, October 22, 2011

Ocean Treasures

Big Sur
Purple coral
Seaport Village Shell Co.
Sea Fan
Sea Star
Big Sur is probably my favorite place on earth and it was so good to be back.
Our goal for this trip was to spend as much time as we could looking at the sea
and soaking in all of its beauty. I will share some more photos of Big Sur tomorrow.
Today I wanted to share some of the ocean treasures I brought back with me.
I bought these from a little shop at Seaport Village in San Diego.
I have a growing little collection of specimens that remind me of the sea at home.
My favorite is the tiny purple coral I got on this trip.
The color is just amazing and I couldn't resist doing a watercolor study of it.
I also got a sea star, two little mushroom corals and a small sea fan.