Friday, September 23, 2011

Salsa Verde

Salsa verde
Photographic companion to the salsa verde recipe
I shared at Nate & Salli's They Draw and Cook.
Salsa verde drawncook
The book is available for pre-order and will be out in October!
I made Manolo some 'huevos revueltos con nopales' (scrambled eggs with paddle cactus) which is a very traditional Mexican breakfast.
He ate them with my salsa verde & corn tortillas I warmed up on the griddle.
Roast the tomatillos, serrano chiles and cactus paddles in a hot griddle.
Finelly chop the onion and garlic
and give them a few wacks in the mortar and pestle to let all the juices out.
Once the tomatillos and chiles are cooked puree them using an immersion blender.
Put the tomatillo puree back in the mortar and mix with the onion, garlic and a handfull of fresh finally chopped cilantro.
Season with salt to taste and the salsa verde is ready!
Chop up the roasted nopales and mix them with two beaten eggs.
Season with salt and pepper and pour the mixture
into a pre-heated non stick pan with a little bit of oil.
It's very important not to overcook the eggs.
When the eggs are ready serve them with warm corn tortillas and salsa verde.
If you're not into paddle cactus like me,
you can scramble the eggs with sautéed mushrooms instead.
Hope you guys have a wonderful weekend!