Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A Day At Bookhou

My favorite shop in the world
Last Wednesday Margie had to work (by the way, did you guys know that she's a doctor? How lucky are her patients???) so I hopped on a train to Union Station and spent a most wonderful day with my amazingly talented friend Arounna and her family 
at Bookhou, my favorite shop in the world.
My birdies in Arounna's studio.
I was so honored to see my birdies living in her studio.
Arounna kindly put up with my snooping around and taking pictures of everything. 
She even let me film her while she screen printed!
Her studio is so full of inspiration. I got to peek into all the little drawers and shelves.
Squeegees and whatnots
I even got to help around with production! Arounna handed me a hammer (I have a thing for hammers) and the cutest little anvil and put me to work 
installing zipper pulls on her pouches.
Art on the walls
I was so touched to see my son Daniel's birds up on Arounna´s studio wall.
Selvedge yarn and calendars
I love that she keeps all of the amazing selvedge from her linen bolts.
Arounna's beautiful work on display
This where she rings up her lucky customers.
Fell in love with this cat!
I fell head of heels with this gorgeous cat by By Kristina Møller 
John's beautiful artwork
John's beautiful artwork. There is so much talent in this family!
Arounna's Art
This is a detail of one of Arounna's mixed media pieces that makes me swoon.
Lovely ceramics by
Lovely ceramics for sale in the shop by Jenny Clark
Storage basket production
Storage baskets in production.
Drying rack
My other job that day was pressing all of these freshly printed pieces of fabric in a wonderful ironing machine that did all the hard work.
Bookhou Shop
There is a beautiful ornament show going on right now at Bookhou.
Gorgeous ornaments by Crown Flora Studio, Midori, Rusurrection Fern, Lil Fish Studios and me.
Gorgeous ornaments by Crown Flora Studio, Midori Sukurai,
More ornaments in the shop
This morning Margie blogged about the ornaments and the workshop I taught at Bookhou. Click here to read more about it.
And here's the little video I shot at Bookhou that day. I hope you enjoy it!
The music is "Desert Crossing" by Jean-Luc Ponty.