Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Sketchbook Project update

Sketchbook Project cover
Sketchbook Project Page 1
Sketchbook Project Page 2
Sketchbook Project Page 3
Remember I told you I would be participating in the Sketchbook Project back in July?
Well, my sketchbook got lost when we moved to the new house and I hadn't found it until last week. I remembered I had put it away somewhere safe
...so safe I couldn't find it afterward!
I was looking for Turbo's vaccination card in the folder where I keep all of our important family documents and there it was!
I've only got about a month to fill it out so I plan to do three or four pages every day until the January deadline. I'll be sharing it with you guys of course :)
My theme is: In Flight
The Sketchbook pages are very thin so I won't be using watercolors.
I opted for simple pencil drawings ,hand carved stamps
and some details with white acrylic ink.