Saturday, July 17, 2010

In Ma Bag

In Ma Bag
Bag: Original 1955 British Army First Aid bag from an Etsy shop called SevenBC.
-Moo cards
-Tiny note pad
-Cardboard pen that I decorated with markers
-Favorite lip balm I've been using for years: Hawaiian Tropic Aloe Vera. I love it because it smells like the beach :)
-Keys: When not in use the keys go into this pretty pouch my sister gave me that also serves as a key chain.
-Gotta have my tiny Swiss Army knife at all times...
you never know when you're going to need it.
-Camera: I keep my point & shoot in a pretty wallet by Bookhou.
-1st Generation iPod Touch in another wallet by Bookhou.
-Nokia phone to speak with Manolo when I'm out and about.
It has a little NICI kitty charm.
-My beloved prescription sunglasses in a zippered pouch by Bookhou.
-Old Timberland fabric wallet.
What's in your bag?