Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Meet Lola!

Meet Lola
Lola's cover
Lola is my beautiful new Singer sewing machine I got from Santa this Christmas!
I named her Lola because it's what I would've named a daughter if I had one ;)
My other machine died (R.I.P.) from a fall a few months ago.
She's the one on my blog banner.
The machine cover I had made for it didn't fit Lola so I'm making her a new one :)
I dyed a yard or so of natural canvas into a military green color that I love
mixing olive green, black & a little bit of brown store bought fabric dye.
I cut patchwork birds out of 100% wool felt and attached them by hand
using blanket stitch and a few french knots
with my favorite stash of vintage crewel wool I bought a few years ago
from my dear friend Carlene's Etsy Shop.
I might turn the old cover into a new pillow. I'm so happy to be sewing again :)