Thursday, March 22, 2007

Secret weapons...

So many people have asked me "how" I make my watercolors
that I've decided to make a nice and long post about it
and share it with all of you.
My "secrets" to nice & bright watercolor paintings:

I buy Cotman Watercolors in a tube by Windsor & Newton.

These are the 12 colors I use
(I buy them separately, not in a set):

-Turquoise 654
-Cobalt Blue Hue 179
-Prussian Blue 538
-Indigo 322
-Permanent Rose 502
-Cadmium Red Hue 095
-Cadmium Orange 089
-Cadmium Yellow Pale Hue 119
-Yellow Ochre 744
-Burnt Umber 076
-Ivory Black 331
-Chinese White 150

-Acquarello Watercolor Artistico Extra White
(extra white makes colors look brighter)
100% Cotton (Grana Satinada, Hot pressed) by Fabriano
You can buy it here.
Aquarelle Fontenay 100% Cotton
(Fine Grain, Cold Pressed) By Canson.

I buy these in blocks because
I like the fact that the block is glued
on 4 sides and it prevents the paper from warping
from the humidity of the watercolor.
It does warp a little but if you let it dry completely
on the block before ripping the page out
it straightens back again perfectly.

First, I sketch, then when I'm happy with my design
I draw it with a very sharp extra hard pencil (a 6H usually)
directly on my watercolor paper.

I keep my watercolors
on a plastic palette like the one shown above.

Then I start to color in the lines with my watercolors.
I use synthetic round pointed brushes, these are
really good.

I never took a watercolor class...
I'm pretty sure that helped me develop
my own style of painting.
I'm totally enamored with this medium.
I also paint with oils but watercolors are my favorite
and what I'm most comfortable with.

My collages are made with my own images,
usually discarted watercolors
that I cut up and paste or old journal pages.
(yes, I do actually cut them up)

Hope this helps anyone
that wants to give watercolors a try
& inspires you to get creative!
Thank you for all your lovely comments on my work,
it's really a pleasure to share it with you guys :o)
Oh!, the illo I made for this post was made with ink,
watercolors and a photo
of my trusty palette.