Thursday, November 16, 2006

Happy News!

Hello friends!

I want to thank everyone that visits my blog
for leaving such uplifting and inspiring comments,
you guys make me want to draw, and draw, and draw...

I just opened a Cafepress shop where you'll find some prints
and other goodies with my artwork,
feel free to go in and take a look
...there's a "shop" button on the left in my links :)

I've created a new set on my Flickr page
with weekly new illustrations inspired by amazing pictures from flickr.
This week's illustration was inspired by the most talented artist
Ana Ventura, that took an amazing photo of this window.

I won't be home tomorrow to post my IF illo,
and on sunday we'll be celebrating my son Daniel's 9th birthday!!!
I'll be back monday.

Have a great weekend!!!