Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Megabalanus Coccopoma

Flea market find
Watercolor barnacles
Barnacle detail
Don't you just love scientific names?
I bought this amazing cluster of giant barnacles
at the flea market in Toronto and it inspired me to paint it.
I used one of my pretty Saint-Armand sheets, Schmincke watercolors
and my trusty FW white acrylic ink.
The beautiful book my new treasure is sitting on is a treasure of it's own:
"Dezallier D'Argenville: Conchology/Shells" by Verónica Carpita.
It's one of those books that just fills up your creative well immediately.
The small crochet covered rock is one of my favorites by my bff Margie.
I covered the bigger rock with knotless netting.