Thursday, August 23, 2007

Studio update & fun

I took all the sand out my little sandbox today
and hung it on my studio wall.
I love the way it looks with all my favorite journals
and post cards. It's my little personal gallery.
The little table in the corner
is one of the new nightstands for the boys,
but it doesn't fit in their room right now,
so I'll be using it till we move to our new house :)
Manolo designed it.
It has a little drawer and the wood he used this time is called Tzalaam,
it looks a bit like walnut.
We still have to put hardware on it to be able to open the little drawer.
We went on a little trip to Mexico City today,
and visited my favorite Library.
This is my son Daniel, reading some "quality" literature (Garfield) :P
It's the Rosario Castellanos library in La Condesa neighborhood.
One of my all time favorite places to visit in the city.